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Does your project need a bold, distinctive sound?


Need your sound integrated by an expert team?


Struggling to find the right voice for your character?


Something fresh or Licenced?


We offer custom created sounds for your project. Created from original source recordings - ranging from SFX design, to bespoke foley for cutscenes.


We'll even venture into the field for custom shot ambience for your game. Whatever you need!


Or for immediate results we’ll use our boutique collection of sound libraries to create sounds you’ve never heard before that will always sound fresh and on trend.

Cinematics, Atmospheres, Systemic Sounds , Vehicles, UI, Physics and more - we'll help you get that Sonorous Feeling!


We can make your project shine with a clean, focussed and comfortable sound experience.

Experienced in Multi-channel Mixing from Stereo, Surround & VR Formats.

We can create a great mix on any console or device - after all we've shipped awesome sounding games since the XBOX 360 & PS2.

Anchor 1 Sound Design

Do you need Sonorous to be your projects / studios complete Audio Department?


With an Audio Director onboard your project, they will work with you to discover and take care of what the project needs across all the spectrums of a games sound: Sound Design, Music, Dialogue & Tech.

They'll assess the team size needed for your project, build the team, schedule them and provide the team with a complete creative direction. 


Most importantly the AD will work with your team on how to get to the desired creative end result within the deadlines and budgets you have.


Our team can implement audio directly into your game using a wide range of audio engines such as Wwise, FMOD or your own proprietary engine. 


We will integrate, optimize and bug fix sound playback. 


We are skilled in the Unreal Engine, Unity and can adapt to work in any engine.


Struggling to choose which audio engine to use with your project?


Or simply want to make sure your audio is as performant and optimized as possible?


Sonorous will always advise and ensure you are making the right steps at the start of your game or when your getting ready to ship!

Anchor 2 Tech

When you work with Sonorous you’ll get expertly casted voices from a team

that understands the nuance and specific game needs of an actor's performance.


We offer a complete solution: from casting through to recording. We partner with studios around the globe and can offer in session direction to get the best performances.


After recording we’ll handle asset management, editorial, special fx work and mastering into your game engine.

Anchor Dialogue


Sonorous sources and partners with a breadth of composers who will underscore your game with emotion, drive and impact.


Creating interactive scores that evolve with every step of gameplay. Or maybe simpler mood setting cues that make your game a musical experience you want to stay in.


We can offer fixing of orchestral recordings, choir recordings and any musical style your project needs.


If you’re not looking for custom compositions and wish to licence  a soundtrack. Sonorous will help you all the way!


We can take the pain out of that process and deal with sourcing & licencing.

Anchor 3 Music
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