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Founder & Audio Director

Sonorous founder Steve Brown has worked in the digital entertainment industry since 2004. Primarily in Video Games but also Theatre and The Toy Industry.

Over his career he has worked for companies such as Microsoft Game Studios, Kuju Entertainment, Fisher-Price, Disney, BBC, Ubisoft, Universal Studios and more. Working in all Genres spanning Action Adventure, FPS, Sports, Party & Horror.


His work can be heard in video game franchises such as Fable, Far Cry, Guitar Hero & Until Dawn.


Steve is also a regular public speaker on Game Audio at BAFTA, MIGS and Develop Game Conferences.

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Senior Sound Designer

Tim Atkins has been working in audio since 2008. Beginning in the Film and TV industry, Tim worked on a number of projects as an Editor, Mixer and ADR Recordist before transitioning to the games industry in 2015.


Since then he has worked at Ubisoft and Splash Damage on such AAA franchises such as The Division, Far Cry and Starlink.

Tim is a huge fan of the horror genre and regularly collaborates with stop motion animator Lee Hardcastle on his many grisly projects.

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Associate Audio Director

Blain Kramer has worked with producers, composers and game developers in the production of audio content since 2004.


Starting out as a recording engineer in music with bands and then on to orchestral instruments with composers. After that, he focused on audio post production for a number of Television and Films with HGTV, BBC, Food Network, and The Tragically Hip as a Dialogue Editor, Sound Designer, and Mixer.


Over the past 9 years, his focus has been on audio for video games. He has enjoyed collaborating with producers and game developers in the production of Game Audio. You can hear his work from his time with Ubisoft on AAA franchises such as, Far Cry, Starlink, For Honor, and Assassin's Creed.


During his time off, he can be found working on DIY audio projects, diving through record bins, playing synths, enjoying movie frights with friends, and skateboarding with his family.

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Sound Designer

Behrooz started working in audio industry in 2012 by making music and sound effects for mobile games and apps. When moving to Canada in 2018 he studied at the University of Saskatchewan and then furthered his studies in Audio Production at The Harris Institute until 2020.

Over his career he has worked on audio for short films, short animations, apps and promotional videos. Now Behrooz is following his passion for video games and all things game audio after  working on Far Cry 6 at Ubisoft.

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